Week 4 1/31/17-2/5/17



    During this week we started to put everything back into the box. We started getting the final touches and now we are just planning out where to put the wires and tubes so that they look nice and organized. I started to re wire all the connection and put another switch for the compressors and add a switch for the solenoids. With this we can make sure all the connections are correct and nice. We also started to add mini boxes onto the sides of the box and added cushion for the compressors so when they raddled they won't move as much. We also started to pre drill all the holes needed to run all the wires and tubes through the box. Hopefully this next week we can get all the pneumatics properly working and start crushing cans.


    This week we did a lot of construction on our box. We ended up using the brackets to hold up our compressor. We also came up with the idea to use foam to cover the screws so that they don't damage the compressors. This took awhile to figure out but then we just came up with the simplest solution in the end reminding us how overthinking and overcomplicating things isn't always best. After that we started working on the pneumatic solenoids again. This was good because as we were hooking everything up for our final prototype we noticed one of them went bad again. Because we had taken apart the solenoids and put them back together we knew how to simply switch some parts out and everything would work. We are moving along our project really well and should finish our second prototype soon.