Week 7 2/21/17-2/25/17



    This week we saw a lot of problems with our wiring. We ended up needing to re do all of it but we don't have enough wire to do so. We made a list that should be ready by next week to give to mr. H to buy more brackets and solid core wire. We also wanted to have different colors to help us label our positives from our negatives. I also started to look at what tubing we would like to use and how we would like to secure them to our box. This should be a fun job. We also started to make more progress on how we would like it to look once we finish making the guts work. I don't know if it will be ready for olympics week but i sure hope so.


    This past week we ran into a lot of problems. Having burnt through a bunch of our wires while testing our pneumatics and solenoids we have run out to finish off our last wiring connections. We tried to hook everything up to have a working can crusher with simple switches. While doing this we found our more than one of our connections were weak or broken. This caused problems with an uneven pressure and sometimes no switch in the solenoids. This cause was a huge problem and what came next was only worse. We had run out of wire for our system. We now need to order/buy more wire and connections in order to complete the beginning half of our prototype. On the bright side the box is still strong and doesn't seem to be taking any damage any time soon. Overall….. It is a struggle some time in the robot kingdom.