Week 2 Quarter 4 4/2/17-4/8/17



    This week finished wiring soldering the connections for the compressors and started and almost completed the wiring for the solenoids. We planned out where we want to put the tubes connected to the compressor and connected to the solenoids. We started to plan out how we would like to place the plexiglass. Also the rest of our parts came in so now we don't have to stretch the amount of wore we have and can really color coordinate our wiring system. We have a lot of work ahead of us and hopefully we can finish in time.


    This past week we continued on our quest of the completion of the wiring of every circuit. Our progress is very slow but we finally got our stuff!!! We would like to create a 3rd prototype after everything is completed and sorted out but i don't believe we will have enough time. The next week coming up will include planning for plexiglass, wiring for the solenoids and the compressors. We didn't get a lot done but have huge aspirations.