Week 7 Quarter 4 5/8/17-5/12/17



    This week we finally started to get our hand on the project. After a very busy week with a lot of extra things we needed to do, we finally started completing the wiring and making everything look good. It was a little difficult with us getting more progress with needing to share the space with a classmate. We also accidently grabbed the wrong solenoid so we need to switch that next week. It will be hard due to the fact it is the final week, I will be going to school instead of the Senior Service day to hopefully complete our project. We need to make a lot of progress if we want to present our robot on thursday.


    This past week we accomplished a lot. Finally able to work on our project we made leaps and bounds with only this week. This shows that when we finally have a plan and time to implement such plan we can get a great amount done in a short amount of time. We wired up and fixed the compressors. We also planned out our solenoid wires and are prepared to finish that up. While my partner Alohikea worked on the wires i worked on the pneumatic piping and cut those out while also finishing up the last pieces on the solenoid. We now just need to finish the wire and put everything together. Not Great……. But better times in the robot kingdom.