Week 5 2/7/2017-2/12/2017



    This week we focused on making our wiring nice. We went over each component looking to make sure none of the connections were faulty. We also had our meeting with Mr. H about our monthly check up. We also started to plan out where we would like to lay all the wires and tubes trying to make a very nice clean look. We also started to brainstorm how we want to mobilize it and how we want our robot to look. There was also some talk about getting R4EL ready for olympics week where students can use it and we can see how it functions in the world without us. This test will be a good way to see what may break due to wrong things being put inside. It was also help to hear some feedback from the students who use it which will help in the future run of our project. Hopefully our robot will be a big successes.


    This week past week we did a lot with the wires on our compressors. We finally hooked everything up through our trials and errors. My partner alohikea even went as far as ruining an alligator clip while testing. This was a productive week and i believe it was a huge step in getting our project done. Our next steps will include using the piping to hook up the compressors, pneumatics and solenoids. Along with that we still need to make the “push plate” for the crushing portion. This seems difficult but once we take different looks at it i'm sure we’ll be able to solve this problem. All in all it's a good time in the robot kingdom.