Download file "unnamed.jpg"So a few days ago, we had a bit of a panic. The 3D printer totally messed up and flooded the compartment above the head, making a huge blob which piled out the back of the print head. It was a hardened blob which would not allow the head to go to the home base, and when the machine tried to put it back to home the blob would hit first, making this terrifying GRAABAABAA noise which could only be stopped by turning the machine off. I took off the fans which were holding the blob in place. Today we attacked the blob with metal scrapers and a heat gun, while simultaneously heating the print head, which amazingly melted the blob right off of there, falling onto a piece of paper waiting below. We were really worried about the wires the blob melted around, but they seemed pretty resistant, and the PLA dripped right off. Currently test printing a little ultimaker robot, and it seems to be working well!!