Today I came in a bit earlier than normal, about an hour and a half, so at about 10:30 this morning. This is mainly because of the night I had:

    Woke up at 2:50 AM to meet Juan and Daniel guys to go on a Mauna Kea adventure. Walked down to the road at about 3:15 to wait for Juan. While walking down there, I missed a text saying they were going to be about 40 minutes late, so I was stuck down there until 4 AM laying on the pavement in my sleeping bag. Around 9:00 we're back in Waimea eating at the coffee place in town. I came with them to help out a big interview project with all these alumni's from years before, and about 45 minutes later we're down on the soccer field using the drone (because at the time the max wind was only about 8 mph). Sadly the whole campus was clouded over so we didn't get much to work with.

    Then we came back up here, and about 20 minutes later Dr. Bill came by with the new and improved Drobo replacement called the Thunderbolt. It is about infinity times better than the old drobo, which Dr. Bill ended up throwing off of the Kawaihae dock out of frustration (jk). So we set up the new brain and then watched a bit of movies out of it, and hooked it up to the system. Now I am headed to try and work my magic on another computer from hell over in the main hall which would be more useful as a hot plate than an actual server, putting out mad heat rather than helping anyone in any physically conceivable way.