Although we ordered our PCR beads right after the second semester began (early January) by the end of January they had failed to show. They we promised to arrive within two weeks of ordering, but after a month of waiting, which was frustrating because we just wanted to start out project, they still hadn't come. We emailed the supplier, who said they had been on back order, but now were being sent. Hooray! Our happiness quickly turned to frustration as our PCR beads still failed to show. Finally, Dr. Bill called the supplier who explained that, despite being a North Carolinian company, the beads we shipped from Chicago, and that harsh winter weather (the so-called Chiberia) had slowed there arrival. Now assured that the beads, were finally, finally being shipped we settled down to wait once more.

    In the mean time, a picture of our group (Me, Allex, and Justin) was featured in West Hawaii Today article about the Energy Lab being recognized as an Apple Distinguished Program (again). Here's the article:


    Here's the picture: