Guess What!?!

    Today is a momentous day! The rest of our materials that we need for our project arrived. We had ordered Ethidium Bromide which we will use to stain our DNA bands in order to better see them. We had also ordered a Hae III enzyme and molecular weight markers. The Hae III enzyme is a restriction enzyme. Restriction enzymes cut DNA strands at a certain point in their nucleotide sequences. In Hae III's case it cuts the DNA strand at a GGCC sequence, in between the second G nucleotide and first C nucleotide. A Molecular Weight Marker is a DNA Ladder which is the standard we run for gel electrophoresis. The DNA Ladder has strands of DNA of different lengths which we compare our DNA to when we run gel electrophoresis. Like this:
    Now that we have everything we need, the experiment can begin!