August 29, 2017 Daily Blog

    Today in ISR I worked with Dr. Bill and Laney on working with computer systems. I learned how to:
    • Zap PRAM (restart-command option - p r - turns on three times)
    • Give first aid (disk utility - first aid)
    • How to Clean a Computer Using Disk Warrior (restart - t - plug into other computer and run disk warrior (you can skip the disk comparison))
    We also learned more about the progress with the laser cutters today. It turns out that the fans required for the laser cutter needs to be twice as powerful as the one we have now, so we have ordered new ones. We also need to set up a way to pump pressurized air into the cutter to cool of the material once it has been cut. Once the material arrives we are going to rearrange the FAB Lab by putting the laser cutters on their stands up against the window, mounting a tv on the wall behind them, and moving the desk so that it is parallel with the cutters to set up the 3D printer and a workshop.

    Last, but not least, I also read the third chapter of Feynman's lectures on physics. From now on I am going to start taking notes and I will include them in these daily blogs.