week 15 summary (11-27-16)-(12-2-16)

    This past week I have been wrapping up my experiments for the semester. I did only part of one test during the week because another group forgot to charge the headsets, so it died after the first section of the test I was doing. Last week I also focused on getting my presentation organized. I put together a powerpoint of a few images that relate to my project, such as the difference between the different types of lights picture. On the last class of the week, we did a practice presentation for about 4-5 minutes each. we then scored each other and gave feedback about what we liked and thought the presenter could do differently. In the coming week I have the deadline for turning in the white paper, and my presentation for Mr. Ferrel and Ms.Petteys on Tuesday afternoon.

    My Asana tasks for the coming week are as follows:
    • Finish the white paper
    • finalize my presentation
    • do another practice run for the presentation.