week 6 summary semester two (2-14-17)-(2-16-17)

    This week has been very short because Monday was international day, resulting in only two class periods this week. I have been experiencing some of the scheduling issues I experinced earlier in the year. I did one testa lunch today, but need to do two more this week to have done three per week (my goal). Everything went fairly smoothly once the EEG Emotiv Insight headset was connected, however it took quite a while to get to a solid level of connectivity. I remember last semester when I was having this issue, I talked to Dr. Bill about getting a saline solution to apply to the EEG sensors to improve connectivity. I will follow through on this, and ask Dr. bIll about it when he has a moment. Next week I will be gone on thursday and friday for a waterloo tournament, so I will schedule more tests earlier in the week.