week three semester two (1-23-17)-(1-17-17)

    during this week I sent out a second mass email to the upper school asking for participants for my study. I am pleased to say I got a lot of responses back. I scheduled times for a few people to come in, and am working on scheduling more in the coming week. I also did two lighting tests last week. however, I will have to disregard one set of results because the headset was having connectivity issues on that participant. At this point in my project I am just focusing on doing as many lighting trials as possible to raise my sample size in order to obtain a 95% confidence rate with as small of a margin of error as possible. In terms of statistics, I learned from Mr. Halstead this week, about the Student's T distribution graph. a couple weeks ago I learned about the normal curve and how to identify things about that data based on the graph. The Student's T graph is similar to the normal curve, but is used when there is a small sample size. It looks very similar to the normal distribution graph, but it is less steep on the two slopes, accounting for a broader variation in data values which naturally occur with a smaller sample size. I will most likely use this model because I will have a small sample size.