Final Weblog

1. Here is the link to the proposal of my project:

2. I do this project on my own. Doing it by myself helps me to be more responsible about my project. I also have more opportunities to learn new things that I did not know like programming (Python, Java, and Swift), or making a science research poster/paper. However, I have to admit it was quite lonely to do a big project like this by myself. Although I have learned and mastered lots of skill like researching and coding, it took a lot of effort and time for me. Therefore, I am looking forward to creating a team during my college year. This will help us do the project more efficiently.

3. I want to continue conducting this project during my college years at Purdue. I have finished the mobile application for my project but it still needs a lot of improvement. It would be nice if any of HPA students want to continue my project where I left. I have included my research, Emotiv applications that they can use to do brain experiment, 3rdparties API links, user interface of my mobile application, all on my weblog. They also can contact me through email if they have any questions. My email is:

4. If I was a new student who want to continue doing this “Brainwave Technology for Real-time Driver Drowsiness Detection”, I would do some research on brainwave first to understand how it works, what types of brain frequencies there are. Then, I would start to do experiments on people. I would also learn some programming languages if I did not know. I would recommend Java (for Android development) and Swift (for iOS development). I would also learn about other cool APIs like Firebase or Google Map. These are all the skills essential to research and development of this project.

5. There are 24-33% of traffic accidents are caused by drowsiness. Therefore, I want to develop a mobile application that can detect and alert drowsiness using brain-computer interface. This project can be applied to cars, trucks, buses, and save lives of many people.

During the process of conducting this project, I have learned programming languages such as Java, Python and Swift. I also learned to make a science research poster and a research paper for my project. I also maintain a good relationship with Emotiv Company, a pioneer technology firm in brainwave technology.

I have faced many difficulties through this project. My biggest one was when I just started to learn about EEG headset and its application. I did not know much about EEG, or especially about brainwave at that time, and so I did A LOT of research on brain frequencies. I also had some troubles when I tried to understand the raw data that I got from EEG. However, with the help of Dr. Bill and Emotiv Company, I understand and know how to apply them in my application.

I am very proud of my Android application that I develop. I understand I still have a long road to go but this is a huge step for me. I am also very proud when I presented my project and received the Innovation Special Prize at the Tsukuba Science Edge competition in Japan 2016.


Week Summary 5/13

In this week, I presented my project in front of Mrs. Petteys on Wednesday for my final presentation. It went pretty well; she looked really happy and impressed. I told her how I learned a lot from ISR like doing research, making a poster, creating a research paper, learning coding (Java, Python, etc). On Monday and Thursday, I was preparing and taking AP Stats exam



I had AP Stats exam today



Today was the presentation day. The audience was Mrs. Petteys. For my presentation, I showed her my research poster and summarized my project's abstract, why I do it, the results I got. Then, I showed her my Android application that I developed for my project and connected it to the Insight headset through Bluetooth. It had some problems at first but it looked like Mrs. Petteys was quite impressed of it. The detection and alert did work but there were still false-negative errors, which the alert was activated even though I was quite awake and conscious. I told her what I want to improve in the future and also told her my goal to continue develop the project during college at Purdue.



My presentation was rescheduled to Wednesday morning. Because I already prepared everything for the presentation, I spent time in class today to prepare for my AP Stats exam on Thursday.



In this week, most of the time I was practicing for my final presentation on Monday next week. I practiced speaking, using body languages, eye contacts, pictures that I prepared using PowerPoint, research poster. When I made mistakes, I took notes of those mistakes and so I could focus on the particular areas that I need to improve. After days of preparing, I am pretty confident now and I think I will do great on the presentation day. The rest of the time I was preparing for my AP Stats coming next week



Today, during the first half of the class, I went over the presentation and practiced just like what I did yesterday. I felt pretty confident now. The other half of the class I spent time preparing for my AP Stats exam coming up next week.



Today, I made few improvements for the Android app and had a final check before I present my project on Monday next week. During the rest of the class, I praticed presenting, prepared pictures and took notes on what I need to improve.



I was absent from class today


Week Summary 4/29

In this week, we mainly prepared for our final presentation. We went over aspects of a presentation, the skills and strategies we learned from Simon Sinek's Ted Talk. Mr. Schorn was also with us on Friday for a writing workshop, which he taught us how to write a rocket pitch that will impress audiences like professors, employers, sponsors, etc. I learned a lot from this workshop and I was confident pitching my project to the class



Today, Mr. Schorn joined our class and taught us how to write and present our projects. He also taught us to make an elevator pitch. Here is a sample of my elevator pitch:
"Nowadays, 24-33% of all traffic accidents are caused by drowsiness. Therefore, I am developing a mobile application that can detect drowsiness of drivers using brain-computer interface and alert them. This product can be applied in cars, trucks, airplanes, to save lives of many people in Vietnam, in the U.S., and other countries"
Later, I had an interview witch Patch about my project. It went pretty smooth.



Today, we watched the TED Talk by Simon Sinek. He talks about how to become a good leader and how to influence people. We actually can apply his strategies for the final presentation. Simon Sinek emphasizes about "Why", "What: "How". We should include answers for these questions in our presentation. For example, "Why" I did my project? Because there are many car accidents nowadays and so I want to conduct this project to save lives of many people. Later, Dr. Bill showed my classmates the science poster I did last year, which is a good example because it includes all the anwers for Why, What, How



Today, the whole ISR class were talking about the effective ways to present our projects. Each person summarized their projects, what they have done, and others would give advices so they can be prepared for the presentation day. I learned a lot through the discussion today like besides talking about my project, I should also mention about my internship at Emotiv and STEM activities that I did during last summer in Vietnam.


Week Summary 4/22

In this week, I was learning Swift in order to develop an iOS app for my project since my Android app is quite good now and also I am quite tired of Android development, I want to try a new mobile development language and Swift is ideal for that. To write Swift, I need an IDE program for it but my Window laptop is the problem: Writing and running Swift needs MacOS; so I found some solutions for that. I could use a virtual machine that run on MacOS or I could download the latest version of Visual Studio and some more few steps to run Swift. I chose the latter. Besides that, I also worked on my final research presentation. I prepared what I need to do, what I need to say and what I need to show the audiences



Today, I did research on how to use Swift in Window machine. Apparently, some people say that I could download the latest version of Visual Studio that can use some API on Github to understand Swift. I was still looking more into it. Also, I found a helpful link that teaches Swift. It contains examples of code and also videos.



I believe that my Android apps are pretty solid, although it might need some improvements and research. I was quite curious about iOS app right now. Therefore, today I was looking at Swift - the programming language for iOS. It is possible to transfer the Java code in Android to the iOS app but it would get bugs and might not work well. Thus, I would like to learn Swift and become good at both Android and iOS development. The only problem for me right now is that my laptop ran on Window and to write Swift, I have to have a Mac device. I am thinking about using a virtual machine for MacOS but it would use a lot of RAM and so I am trying to find another effective ways



Today, I improved the interface of the app, making it more user-friendly. The rest of the time, I spent time preparing for my final presentation. I would talk overall about my project like what it is about, how I do it, what I have done, and then I will show them my poster and the apps that I have been developing in my phone.


Week Summary 4/15

In this week, although I faced some difficulties in adding notification feature to my Android app, I finally did it. Now, I am trying to also add sound to the app and also improve the user experience with the app. Moreover, I helped Illan with his project by showing him how to use Xavier EmoKey, This is a program that can set up different commands to do a specific task, which I believe would help him control his robot hand using EEG headset



Today, I finally made the notification to work. Last class, I put the code for the notification in a wrong class; therefore, the code could not be executed. For my next step, I am going to add sound and improve the user interface so people could use the app easier



First half of the class, I ran into some problems with my app. After trying to add new lines of code in order to add the notification, I could not open my app anymore. When I opened the app, it would automatically close. I tried to reset the app a few time and after the fourth time, it finally opened but the notification did not work. I will try to fix the problem in the next class.