Today was an extremely productive day. We received the netatmos yesterday so the goal today was to install them in some of the classrooms. We decided for the first dispatch to put sensors in all the rooms in the History and Modern Language buildings.The process went as follows:

    1. Plug in main module to computer and use the Netatmo Wizard to configure the module and its wireless settings.

    2. Open the additional indoor modules (three per each main unit)

    3. Using the Netatmo Modules Manager application (with the main unit still plugged in), connect each unit while keeping track of the serial number on the inside. This ensures the right indoor module was connecting to the right main module.

    The steps including the setup using the applications become more apparent once using the actual applications, which provide easy to follow steps.

    After configuring all these units, we went onto the Netatmo website and made sure each unit was numbered and corresponded with the room that it was supposed to. Then we deployed the units. The main unit in the History building is in 14 and the main unit in the Modern Language building is in 22. Hopefully we begin getting good data from these units in the coming weeks.

    This week was a week of planning and preparation. We decided it was time to include the upper campus in our permanent deployment of Netatmos. Then we established the differences in the projects (3.7.2). Today we began the installing process. In the coming weeks we plan on deploying the rest of the units we have. This may entail a day of planning (possibly Monday). This week was a good start to a project that looks to get a lot bigger and a lot closer to home in the coming weeks. I am excited that this project involves the campus we are on so we can begin seeing the change we are helping to establish.