ISR 2020 begins!


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    We'll be going over your ideas for projects in the next few meetings, but in the meantime, have a look at this list and let me know if anything jumps out at you:

    Project ideas:

    • Brain waves
    • Fabrication: 3D printing, CNC, laser cutting, design
    • Earthquakes/seismology
    • Radio/space weather
    • Virtual reality/augmented reality
    • Drones: mapping, visualization, sensors
    • Networking: wireless, security, servers
    • Arduino
    • Raspberry pi
    • Energy monitoring/telemetry
    • Environmental monitoring-classrooms
    • Computer repair
    • Aeronautics
    • Machine learning/artificial intelligence
    • Animation/blender
    • NASA projects
    • Home automation
    • EEG/EMG biofeedback
    • Astronomy/astrophysics
    • Acoustics

    We may start off with some skills you will find useful, such as using a meter, making ethernet cables, and the various tools we have at the elab: 3d printer, laser cutter, CNC machine and others.
    I also have a set of arduino and raspberry pi units for later on, depending on the direction we decide to take the class.
    Don't worry about a proposal at this point, we'll discuss the process in our first meeting this week.
    Let me know how I can help.

    Breakout questions:

    Powerful questions: introduce partner 3-4 minutes after breakout in pairs

    1. what is something no one in the class knows about your partner?
    2. what a theme or project you feel passionate about?
    3. what about that has you excited?
    4. imagine it is May, you have been wildly successful, what did they create?
    5. what is the impact your work has had on the community, the class, the world?
    6. what matters about this?
    7. what is important to you?